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The Right Values

We are a family owned and operated company. We do this because we want to make good food. Here is our story: Ipshita and Amrit grew up in India. Both had successful careers individually but a desire to work together and to start a family prompted their move to Upstate New York. While Amrit went back to school, Ipshita explored her passion to create clean and healthy food for the whole family. After much experimentation, Ipshita decided it was time for consumers and two crates to decide their fate. The first read, Don’t like it!!! (Don’t quit your day job”) The other read, Like it!!! (Quit your day job). By the end of the day, Amrit and Ipshita had served hundreds of people and they were excited to see that the second crate was full of empty cups.

Then came the choice – make it yourself OR have someone else make it for you. They decided to do it themselves and leased a small creamery, 50 miles away from home. After two years of small-batch manufacturing and sales from the back of their car, their lassi got noticed by retailers around the country. They had to scale operations! These first-time entrepreneurs went all-in and built their own plant in Freeville, NY. The learning curve of running your own plant was steep but their belief of creating chef-crafted, non-boring food was strong and so was the support of their families, colleagues and their community.

The pairing of our founders’ journeys with the Land of Abundance (Milk and Honey) had taken root and Indian Milk & Honey was born!

Farms are family owned as well

The Right Recipes

All of our products are created from the mind and hands of our co-founder and chef Ipshita Pall. Ipshita has worked in fine dining and competed on Iron Chef America. She has worked hard to perfect each of our recipes, cutting out what doesn’t work and adding in what does. Our lassi and seasoning ghees are her own personal creation, inspired by the food cooked in her own home!

Check out our recipes section to try some of the delicious treats she prepares in her own home.

The Right Ingredients

We use all natural ingredients from our local farms in our Lassi and Ghee. When you take a look at our ingredients list you won’t find any surprises. The rich goodness you see is what you get!

Show examples of ingredient lists of products alongside pictures of the product.

The Right Habits

At Indian Milk and Honey we are committed to resilient sustainability practices. We believe honest work habits provide the best outcome for both the world and our products.

Many ghee companies source their ghee from New Zealand, greatly increasing the size of their carbon footprint. Our butter comes straight from our local farms in western New York and Pennsylvania, taking very little fuel to transport to our facility.

We encourage those who enjoy our product to recycle our jars, pouches, and shipping materials after use. They are all made of 100% recyclable plastics. Our portion packs are designed with the environment in mind. Consumers will save a great deal of plastic by using our thin, easily recyclable pouches rather than large rigid containers.

The Right Sources

Our products are produced right here in Freeville, New York. Our plant sources from local farmers high-quality products  and we have food processing certifications. We are located right in our town of Freeville, New York, just outside Ithaca. Check out the plant!