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How we benefit you

  • Open up additional sales opportunities and use cases with a new format
  • Reduce labor and packaging cost
  • Improve product shelf-life
  • Improve Customer Experience with a more durable package
  • Create a branded product with lower MOQs

Restaurant Challenges

Soufflé Cup Losses

Our clients were hand-filling expensive soufflé cups with their sauces, experiencing overfill and spillage that cost lost margin dollars. We remedied this by minimizing food waste, providing portion consistency, and cutting labor cost significantly.

Not big enough to pack

Our clients looked into portion packing for their business, but larger companies told them they weren't big enough for a partnership. We have low volume requirements, so we can assure portion quality for a chain of any size.

Supply troubles

Larger brands could not guarantee consistent supply of sauces, and their prices weren't worth the hassle. We offer consistent, on-time supply and support. We're a family business, so we understand the need to keep costs low.

Meal Kit Solutions

First in dairy

We are the first to launch dairy in a portion packed product solution.

Better than bottles

We increase customer satisfaction because unlike bottles, portion packs don't open in transit.

Minimize shrink

We significantly improve shelf life compared to other package types.

Keep transit cost low

We reduce product weight and plastic consumption in the supply chain.

Our Features

Shape: Our technology makes it easy to produce various shapes including rectangular packages, bottles, rounds and stars.

Filling: Fill capacity from .25oz up to 2.2oz

Printing: Inline text printing on the pouch. Can print logos and texts.

Packaging: Multi-layer pouches for strength and product stability