Quality Ghee butter

  This is a quality ghee product. I wanted a Non-GMO ghee butter to use along with my deep conditioning products for my long, curly hair. My hair responded very well to this product.
- Eve, Amazon Customer

Healthy & Flavorful

I enjoy using ghee. I mainly use ghee to cook with or use it as a spread on bagels and toasted bread. When I came across this product I admit that I was skeptical at first, but when I bought it and tried it for the first time I was actually impressed. I could taste more of the turmeric rather than the other ingredients. The fact that this ghee has turmeric in it makes it worth the buy since turmeric is anti-inflammatory and has antioxidants that’s good for my health. I wish this product came in a bigger container for the price, but I understand that the ghee along with the other ingredients are not cheap. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking for healthy alternatives to butter and who loves ghee.
- Allen Jones, Amazon customer

This is truly a delightful & Tasty Ghee

I really enjoyed this ghee and I've tried a bunch. It tastes as ghee was meant to taste. It's natural and smooth and has that slight nuttiness you look for in ghee. I use it to substitute butter when I'm looking for a no sodium, lactose-free alternative. My favorite way to use it is when I'm frying eggs. They just taste great with ghee. It's also American made so you know its high quality.

- Quil, Amazon customer

No more clumpy spice

I love this product! I have trouble sleeping and lots of back pain so I have been using turmeric and ginger in a warm, decaffeinated drink before bed for some time now. However, keeping the turmeric mixed into the liquid required near constant stiffing and ultimately ending up with a mouth full of powder at the end of the cup. No More! This Ghee w/ turmeric mixed in is wonderful, the taste is clean and fresh and maybe best of all, no separation of product occurs. I love it and am ever so grateful for finding it and for those who make it.

- Beverly Dodson, Amazon customer

Exquisite Ghee

This ghee!!!! This is the best ghee that I have EVER had. I have tried many brands but this one feels like it was cured with love and with direction from ancestors.

- August, Amazon customer

Best Ghee ever!

This is THE NICEST ghee I've ever had and I've been buying ghee for over 30-years. It has a very buttery flavor and seems super fresh. This is a keeper and a new favorite for sure.
- Cshells, Amazon customer

Tasty keto butter coffees

I've been keto a year and a half now. A bulletproof coffee is essential in my morning routine. Recently found these packets and they are great for a morning on the go or when I am camping. Gives me my healthy fat and tasty delicious coffee without needing a blender. I keep them at work and in my camper.
- R.F, Amazon customer

Flavorful & Rich with natural ingredients

It’s rich flavorful locally made with the most natural ingredients!! A must for every pantry. A brand that is here to stay!
- Priti, Amazon Customer

Tasty Lassi

Omg!! Love Lassi. Most healthy & the best flavors.

- Justine 

The real that Indian drink

Innovative, delectable and healthy product: That Indian Drink.

- Alyssa, Edible finger lakes reporter


The best Post- run or workout probiotic snack.