Meet our Founders: Chef Ipshita & Amrit

The Indian Milk & Honey Co.'s founders, Ipshita Pall and Amrit Singh, were born in India and came to the United States to fulfill their American Dreams.

Ipshita is a classically-trained chef and has competed on Iron Chef America. Prior to starting Indian Milk and Honey, she worked in fine dining restaurants in New York City and Chicago. Her artistry brings magic to our products. Ipshita is passionate about using her art form – making delicious, all-natural food – to bring joy to people everywhere.

Ipshita takes inspiration from her upbringing; she has been enjoying - and hand-churning - ghee since she was a child living in India. Ghee is part of her family's everyday healthy lifestyle.

Amrit and Ipshita live with their son in Ithaca, New York.