Authentic & best-tasting ghee in North America!

Authentic & best-tasting Ghee in North America!

Chef Ipshita takes inspiration to make Ghee from her childhood in India where the elders hand-churned butter, made from fresh cream, to make ghee.

Ghee is pure butterfat that originated in ancient India. Our ghee is made by emoving the milk solids and water from grass-fed cow butter. We then add ayurvedic herbs and spices to produce our original and flavored ghee.

Ghee is naturally lactose-free, gluten-free and preservative-free. Ghee has wonderful health benefits like improved digestion, weight loss, and bone strength. It also has fat soluble vitamins A, E and K. Our ghee is naturally salt free, lactose free, hormone and antibiotic free, ZERO carbs, ZERO sodium, and completely shelf stable.

Store ghee solid at room temperature, ghee does not need to be refrigerated. It melts at 80 degrees F (26 C) and has a smoke point of 450 F (230 C) for high temp cooking. Use in place of any other oil 1:1 for cooking. Spread on toast, stir into your coffee, slather on vegetables or sprinkle on popcorn. Take it to work, take it home, take it camping, take it anywhere!







The Classic Original Ghee - Keto diet & home chef's favorite


Chef-Crafted in Ithaca, NY using one single ingredient.

• Fresh butter from family owned New York & Pennsylvania dairies 


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Golden Turmeric Seasoning Ghee - Warm, earthy & sweet. A flavorful immune booster!

Expertly chef-crafted for flavor excellence using five simple ingredients.

Smoked Paprika Seasoning Ghee - Enhances food with sweet & smoky richness

Expertly chef-crafted for flavor excellence using three simple ingredients: 


Expertly chef-crafted for flavor excellence using fresh butter from family owned dairies and mixing it with a wide variety of spices.



Need more ghee? Check out our Jumbo Ghee!

Enjoy 264 servings of buttery and nutty flavor notes with our Jumbo Ghee.



Customers love Indian Milk & Honey ghee!